A Little More Love

I’m a big fan of simple things and simplifying things.  I don’t like things that are super complicated most of the time, and often the complications and extras are unnecessary.  For example it’s advised to try to eat enough and not overeat, to not buy more than you need or to not spend more than you can afford.  But when it comes to simplifying, the one thing you don’t need less of in your life is love.

I know love can be overwhelming and it can be hard to keep up with all you think you have to do for it to be true and lasting love.  But love isn’t meant to be complicated or hard, although sometimes it does ask for sacrifices and does require some effort. And for most the effort and sacrifices are worth it and love becomes a rewarding experience.

If your love experience isn’t so happy and you don’t want more of the love experience you’ve got right now first consider if it’s really love.  If it’s not really love you won’t be able to come up with a list of rewards for putting more effort in.   Second consider the fights, battles and drawn lines.  Are you fighting over stuff that’s really worth fighting over or are you just fighting for the sake of fighting so you don’t have to make progress and grow together?

If your life is too full with complications, responsibilities, obligations and stress, the best solution may be to make room for love.  Being in a supportive relationship may be the answer to many of your stresses and provide the support you need.  And learning to love yourself will give you the space and confidence to work through your challenges.  Do you need more love in your life?

“Less is more unless it’s love.”  Ben Mittleman


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