Reality Reflection: Where is the Love?

It’s hard to miss all the love talk these past few weeks but it’s also been hard to miss all the anti-love talk. I’m not talking about learning to love yourself because you’re without a romantic partner, I’m talking about the general hatred, distrust, anger, fear, and abuse that takes place around the world on a daily basis.  Who decided that that was the way to live?!  Think about even this small example: driving on the road you’re doing the speed limit and you’ve got some guy riding your bumper.  Or you’re waiting patiently for the line of cars to move at the green light and the guy behind you starts honking because the people in front of you aren’t moving fast enough for him.  Do you feel the stress and frustration beating at you even now? I know I do.

The list goes on: why do the presidential debates turn into mud slinging fests rather than talking about how they’re actually going to help the country?  Why do we waste money on junk food that slowly or not so slowly kills us?  Why do we steal from others? Why do we try to cheat others out of things?  Why do we bully?  Why do we say and post hate speech?  Why do we celebrate when people are killed (even if they’re bad)?  Why do we waste time complaining instead of looking for solutions?  Why do we try to make others miserable when we’re feeling miserable?

What happened that patience, appreciation and love have gone out the window?  I know it’s not reality to think all things will be puppy dogs and pots of gold at the end of rainbows but something has to change!   I don’t enjoy living in a world that fear and distrust is our first reaction, I want to be part of building a world of supportive community.  I’ve had enough of the backstabbing and decision to cause friction, what about you?


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