Reality Reflection: President’s Day

Monday was the day in the US that we take time to remember our current and past presidents. Some are famous around the world even today while others some have never heard of or knew they were presidents even if they knew of them.  On Monday on one of my other blogs I talked about appreciating them even if they’re not all you wanted them to be because it’s a huge responsibility they took on as president, and while you may think you could do a better job there’s a good chance you’d make some people unhappy with your decisions as well.  After all, with just the few people in your life (compared to all in the country or world) there’s a good chance that you make at least one person unhappy in some way each day.

There are 2 realities to go along with being president.  First, it’s a huge job and won’t be done perfectly.  Even with a team of advisers you’re bound to make at least one less-than-perfect decision or choose the wrong thing even if you’ve done the proper research. So just like you’re not always proud of all you do, there has to be some leeway for the president as well.

The second reality is that the president does need to do a better job.  There are many ways that presidents fail the people and the country including decisions that should have been tweaked, people that should have been better supported, and resources that were available that should have been used rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.  There is room for improvement in all of our lives, including the president’s.

So let this reality check be a reminder that you can do better as a leader. Let it also be the motivation you need to be more involved in politics.  Start with voting in every election.  If you’re doing that already sign petitions and send letters to let the president know where you stand on issues.  And don’t forget that presidency starts long before they’re actually elected, all come from local offices or other parts of the government, so make sure to share your support and voice with the other people in politics as well.


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