Cleaning Up for Spring

It seems like spring is really here! There are signs of spring everywhere. But what I’ve seen this week as well is something that I’ve noticed in past years: the world looks really dirty and drab after winter. There’s something about the combination of spring sunlight and bits of green poking out that make it really obvious how much of a toll the death and stillness of winter has, not to mention what we do with our liberal use of salt on roads and parking lots.

It’s a little discouraging to look outside and see that drab and dead looking world compared to the bursts of spring that are popping up. It got me thinking about our lives though, and how we go through these cycles too. Have you moved any furniture recently? If so you’ve probably met up with a dust bunny or a family of them. What did you do? Be honest, did you just move the furniture into position and let the dust bunnies resettle where they would or did you get out the vacuum and clean them up?

Sometimes what’s necessary is not just “new” but to clean out the old. Don’t just paint over the bad stuff in your life or the stuff you don’t like, take the time to do what you can to actually get rid of it. Don’t keep it hanging around for old times’ sake, there’s no reason to if you don’t like it.

Sometimes you can move stuff around and it’s the a fresh perspective that you were looking for. But more often than not what’s necessary is some actual cleaning and removal. Do the best and most complete job the first time around rather than having to come back again when spring has sprung in your life and you’ve got all this new growth competing with all that’s left over from the past. What will you clean up this week?

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”  Harriet Ann Jacobs


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