Reality Reflection: April Fools

By nature I’m not a humorous person.  I don’t look for ways to make people laugh, watch lots of comedies on TV, pranks on YouTube, or funny movies.  While I do see the point of laughter and enjoy the occasional lighter TV show, video or movie, I generally prefer the more serious, creative and curious side of life.  If you enjoy more humorous things I fully support you and have no issue with that, it’s more than OK to like different things.

It’s unfortunate that much of our humor and jokes have to do with making fun of people.  I can remember as a kid making fun of or picking on other kids, it’s something we all do on occasion.  Some people even manage to make a good living out of it.  Sometimes it is beneficial to take a lighter perspective on the challenges of life because life can get to be too much.  But sometimes it goes too far.

I’ve never been a fan of April Fool’s Day.   I think it ends up hurting people more often than not.  Sure, there are some harmless jokes that can be shared, like Explore’s Dino Cam, but often they backfire on you or have longer lasting ramifications.  I don’t see the point in spending a whole day tricking each other, no matter how valuable it is to lighten up in life.  The world would benefit more from a day celebrating cute baby animal videos and doing acts of kindness.

Sometimes we use humor to hide our own pain or make ourselves feel better about our lives vs. those that others live.  There’s no logical way that would make any kind of good impact on the world.  So why do we keep doing it?  The next time you think about playing a practical joke, making fun of someone or picking on someone, think again about how it feels when you’re on the receiving end.


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