Stress and Purpose

This month we’re talking about living our purposes. Have you been working on living yours or at the very least making plans and changes for how you can do so in the near future? Today I want to talk about a topic that doesn’t really seem to align with living your purpose, but absolutely does: stress. Yes, it can be very stressful trying to live your purpose, especially if you don’t have a lot of people in your life who believe in you and support you at the very least emotionally in your life. Life purpose is something that we each have but most of our purposes are tied in with other people’s purposes. We’re not islands, we’re meant to work together to make the world a better place. But when that teamwork breaks down or isn’t in place, we’re stranded on our own trying to get it all done, and that can be really stressful.

It can be stressful as well to know that you’ve got this big calling on your life and feel a bit overwhelmed by all that’s involved in fulfilling and living it. If you’ve got the (potential) support in your life and still feel stressed about your purpose maybe you’re trying to do too much at once or don’t have any plan for how to fulfill your purpose. Yes, sometimes it is scary to sit down and really outline a plan for how to start fulfilling your purpose, because it makes it that much more real. But life is so much more fulfilling when you’re living on purpose, and you’re making a positive difference in the world too!

Even us introverts need people to support us in living our purposes and in life in general. Don’t believe the lie that you can get through this life on your own, reach out and ask for the help that is readily available and waiting for you to accept it. If the people in your immediate life aren’t willing or able to support you, there’s a whole world of people just a few clicks away who are more than ready and willing to encourage and support you. Say what you will but social media has lots of good-hearted people on it that you can connect with and find things in common with them; people who are invested in making the world a better place, and even people who have similar purposes to yours or purposes who would work well in support of yours and your purpose in support of theirs.

Choose this week to begin conquering the stress related to purpose in your life. Reach out to people, ask for help, make a plan and believe in yourself and your ability to fulfill the purpose you’ve been tasked with.

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