Reality Reflections: Titanic Yesterday and Today

Today a little over 100 years ago the passenger liner Titanic sank on its first voyage ever.   I have always been fascinated by this ship and the 1500 of people who lost their lives in the sinking as well as those who survived.  The story of this ship is part of the reason why I don’t go on cruise ships.  You’ve probably seen the movie or read some stories about it, right?  If not you can check out the story here.   As I was reflecting on it this week leading up to the anniversary, it got me thinking about life, failings, and anticipating the future.

The Titanic was a huge success and a huge failure.  It was a huge ship and was completed and did have tons of innovations on it.  However, it also failed spectacularly when it sank.  Titanic has also caused some huge successes for people, like Robert Ballard in 1985 when he found the ship with his team and the major upgrades in safety features added to ships as a result.  Failures are opportunities only if we learn from them, otherwise they’re just failures, and in this case would have just been a tragic loss of human life.

The Titanic disaster is a great reminder that you don’t know when a day will be your last.  All of the people on board thought they had a great visit to America in their future, most of them did not.  Do you really appreciate the life that you have or are you wasting it away?  Are you trying to uncover life’s secrets and go on adventures?

So what of the future? Well, in the news there have been reports of replicas being made, one for a theme park in China, and one for an Australian millionaire.  There’s something about Titanic that has spoken to millions of people over the past 100+ years and will continue to speak to them.  Why would you want to replicate what was a disaster, a failure (and will this one have a legacy curse)?  I think a lot of people will be interested in the new ship because of the history.  The question is whether or not we’ve learned from our mistakes and the ship builders certainly seem to be making it as up-to-date as possible.  Whether or not the people have learned anything is yet to be proven (and in some cases already has been confirmed a failure).

What lessons do you most respect in your life?


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