Teamwork in Purpose

This month as we’ve talked about purpose I know my initial thought, and probably yours too, is that purpose is very personal and individual.  And indeed it is.  We’re all given a unique purpose by God to work on throughout our lives, maybe even several or several parts of a bigger purpose.  And our purpose is ours to fulfill and work towards completion.  It’s not something we can passively hand off to someone else, God gave it to us for us to work on.

However, as I’ve been thinking about purpose and reading about a number of non-profits/charities that are in operation I’ve been thinking about the amount of unnecessary overwork that might be happening.  For a very simple example, do we really need 14 breast cancer charities or would we be more successful in conquering it and supporting survivors if we have one supercharity?  Would more people be reached and supported because all resources have been pooled, or would it be harder to reach people because it’s so big that it’s become a lot less personal?

I think for now the answer is in between these two options, to do what we have been called to do, asking for help if we need it and supporting others in their fulfillment of their mission.  I don’t believe we have to do all things all by ourselves, that’s why we’re not alone in the world.  Don’t feel like you’re called to complete your whole purpose by yourself, instead ask for help when you need it.  There are lots of great people and resources, including those God can send your way, to support you.

“For this thing is too much for you; you are not able to perform it by yourself.”  Exodus 18:18


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