Perspective on Purpose

Purpose is something that most of us have to work on throughout our whole lives. It’s not something we can complete like high school or necessarily move on from as quickly as a job or house or even a relationship. Our purpose is something that’s intertwined in our whole lives from start to finish, which is one of the reasons it’s so great and so challenging at the same time. When we lose our perspective in life it’s easy to get caught up in and led away by distractions and things that won’t help us complete our purpose.

This is true for many other things too though, when we’re too close to a situation or too wrapped up in our specific beliefs about things we usually miss what’s going on around us or what other truths could be out there about our situations. It’s one reason why it’s so important to get a second and sometimes even a third opinion on the really important stuff in our lives especially if we’re struggling. Even the most aware of us can get caught up or just stuck temporarily in the rut and need some help getting out and seeing how the rest of the world looks.

If you’re struggling with your purpose it could be because you’re so wrapped up in the here and now that you can’t see the bigger perspective, or you’re so focused on the ultimate goal that you can’t see what will have to be done now to accomplish your overall purpose. Either way you could be understandably frustrated with trying to accomplish your purpose on top of all the rest of the stuff that life throws our way.

So make the time to see all of life, get out and try something new, talk to some new people, get something different at the restaurant, bring something different for lunch, watch something different on TV, don’t fight with your partner before bed, read a non-fiction book that will help you with work or purpose and try to see things from other people’s perspective.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”  Charlie Chaplin


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