People of Purpose

Today we begin finishing up our talk this month on life purpose.  I thought we’d take a look at 3 purposes that we each have as people and specifically as people of faith and hopefully find some peace and encouragement that even if you’re struggling with your personal purpose there’s still something you can do to feel like your life has purpose.

Our purpose is to love.  This is one of the greatest gifts you can give and a calling we all have.  It’s not always easy to love nor do we always want to share love with everyone, but all to often it’s what is most needed, and not really costly to give.  Love is one of the most valuable and powerful tools we have at our disposal.

Our purpose is to share hope. So much of the world is struggling to find hope, to find reason to live another day in this world, to face the challenges and darkness that surrounds so much of the world.  As a person of faith you have eternal hope in Jesus.  Not only is this something that most of us don’t share specifically with others, it’s the foundation of the hope that we have in general for this life too.  Even if we only shared some of the more superficial hope we have, not specifically the spiritual hope, we would be able to make a great difference in the world.

Finally, our purpose is to believe in a better tomorrow.  Technically this is a two part purpose: to believe in the better tomorrow and take steps to accomplish it, but if we don’t believe there is room or potential in this world for good, we’ll never get to believing it can be better.  I believe there is a better tomorrow to be had, and that if we all gave it a little effort we’d start to see exactly how possible the better tomorrow is.

Which of these 3 purposes will you work on this week?


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