Free to Create

This month the topic we’ll be talking about is creativity!  I’m really excited about it because it is such a fun and freeing topic!  I love being creative and expanding my mind and and seeing what else there is in the world.  Experiencing the creativity of others inspires me, even if I don’t really like what they’ve created.  A big part of creativity is being able to do your own thing however, wherever and whatever you want.  So that’s what I hope this month will do for each of us.

Today I wanted to start off with talking about something I’ve touched on a bit in the post already: that you won’t like everything others create.  There is no rule that you have to do things a certain way (unless you’re intentionally following a specific style), and there is no person who can tell you that what you did is “wrong” as long as you’re choosing to be creative.

Instead, I want you to be inspired by the things that don’t go as planned, be motivated because you found out one thing that didn’t work or found a new way to try things, and grow through the learning experiences you have as you create.  Really, the only one who is putting a box around your creativity is you.  Isn’t it time to free yourself from your known concepts of right, wrong, required and expected and create as you’re inspired to?

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.” Joseph Chilton Pearce


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