Reality Reflection: Mother’s Day Celebrations?

Sunday is Mother’s Day here in the US, and of course it’s got me thinking about moms both good and bad.  Some moms get a bad rap because they are single moms and have to leave their kids with sitters often so they can make money for food and a place to live.  Other moms are actually bad moms: they don’t take any interest in their kids or their kids’ lives, they abuse them, or they don’t care for them (or provide care for them).  And some moms are great moms simply because they do the best they can and care about their kids and their lives.

I’ll say what you may be thinking: some women shouldn’t have kids. I understand that birth control is usually accurate, but sometimes fails, so there are some women around the world who didn’t mean to become moms.  These women have the choice to either keep the kid and do their best or to give it up.  Honestly, if you can’t care for a kid on a physical or emotional level there are tons of families around the world who would love to have a kid and you could make their dreams a reality.  Don’t frustrate yourself and your kid by being an absentee mother.  On another note just because society expects you to have a kid because you need someone to pass your fortune on to or for some other reason doesn’t mean you should have one.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the moms in our lives, but it’s also a call for moms to do better.  Maybe you’re doing the best you can by yourself and it’s time to reach out and ask for help from the community around you.  Maybe it’s time to re-prioritize your life and let go of some of the things that you really don’t care about and aren’t in line with your life dreams or goals and/or aren’t helping you be a good mother.  If you’re not a mom or you know a mom in need make sure to reach out and show some love to them too this weekend.


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