Faith for Changes

This month the topic we’re focusing on is faith. It’s a topic that challenges us and gives us hope at the same time. We’re still at the beginning of this month which means we’ve got most of the month stretched out before us yet to work through. As I was thinking about the month ahead and about the changes going on in my life, and the changes you’re going through, it got me on to the topic of how we deal with new things and changes in our lives. Each time we start a new month there’s a lot of unknown that we have to have faith will work itself out.  It may even feel like we need that trust in a bigger way as we work through each day.

Each time you buy a new phone, move to a new place, start a new relationship, or take a relationship to the next level you have to put a little (or a lot) of trust and faith into the change you’re making, the new journey you’re starting or the person you’re choosing to experience life with.  You may be excited about that new thing or that change, but of course what shows up for most of us is fear, doubt, confusion, uncertainty, and lots of questions. I get that. We all deal with those feelings to varying degrees. The people who truly succeed in life are those who experience those feelings but move forward anyway. It’s not that they don’t feel those scary and confusing emotions or have doubts, it’s that they choose to focus on what they hope the future includes and are prepared to deal with the failures and complications that may show up along the way.

Are the changes in your life worth the faith that you’re putting up for them? If they’re not maybe it’s time to reconsider the path you’re taking in your life.   Maybe the issue isn’t the changes or new things, but the amount of faith you have in them being successful.  Don’t be afraid of putting in the effort it may take as long as you know that you really want what you’re working towards.  What areas of your life are you working through in faith right now?


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