Reality Reflection: Times are Changing

September is just around the corner, can you believe it?  Many states have already gone back to school and the rest will start soon.  School is something I alternately dreaded and looked forward to.  I believe there’s a lot we can improve on with regards to school, but that’s really a conversation for another day.  Today I want to talk about what a new school year is all about.  With a new school year comes chances to reinvent yourself, chances to change, changes whether we want them or not and opportunities for learning.  All of these things are opportunities we have as adults at any time, but times like the new school year, new year and changes of seasons are all times that we’re reminded of or feel a desire to make changes.  Yes, these can be scary or intimidating moments, but there are several things that have helped me through them.

First, the fact that we may not have an option.  The fact is there are always things that are new and different with a new school year.  It doesn’t stay the same, and even if you were to repeat a grade things would be taught different, the classroom may be different, there may be different teachers and homework may be different.  Very few things stay exactly the same all of the time.  So rather than fight to keep things perfectly same, maybe it’s time to learn to go with the flow of change.

Second, get creative.  You remember what it was like thinking about Halloween as a kid and contemplating who you wanted to dress up as.  As an adult you may dream about what it would like to be someone else or live life in a different way.  In this day and age there are very few things that say you can’t try new things or go new places or be someone different.  It’s easier than ever to start a business or learn a new skill or work in a career you never thought you could get into or place you could do the work in.  If you’re really serious about that dream, I believe you can get creative to make it happen.  There are more resources than ever and more ways you can make your dreams a reality if you’re willing to get a little creative at how you accomplish them.

Finally, reinventing yourself and change can be fun.  Whoever said change is bad and has to hurt was wrong.  Yes, there are usually some growing pains, but your attitude towards the changes can play a big role in how those changes ultimately go.  Many people have turned what could be painful changes into a game to make them more fun and easier to get through.  When you’re playing a game you’re thinking about winning big and crossing the finish line, not focusing on the fact that you might lose a turn, go back a few spots, lose some (play) money or lose a round.  You’re also celebrating the little wins that you hope and think will get you to the big win.

It may not seem like change is the best or easiest option, and sometimes it isn’t.  But all too often we put too much pressure on ourselves and as a result the change is a lot more difficult than it had to be.


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