Passion for Health

As I’ve been thinking about the topic of health this past week I’ve also been thinking about the topic of passion.  Yes, some of us are passionate about our health for one reason or another, but often that passion looks like dedication or focus and not enjoyment.   This makes me sad, but it’s true.  Passion isn’t always about the feeling of joy that some of our passions bring us, sometimes it’s about being committed enough to see things through and do the work necessary on a daily basis.  So are you passionate about health?  Is health a joy for you or are you committed to making it happen?

Let’s start with the tough one: commitment.  Sometimes it’s necessary to be committed, even if you don’t really get a lot of pleasure out of it, for example you might not enjoy cooking but can’t afford to hire a personal chef or eat out every night, so you have to do the work of cutting the vegetables and cooking healthier meals.  That’s commitment even if you don’t enjoy the process a lot.   The good news is that often there’s a way to get a little joy out of it even if you’re already doing the commitment-passion.

What about the other one? When you truly enjoy what you’re doing it’s much easier, more fun and usually brings in better results.  Many people can choose healthy options that make them happy like biking instead of running or trading off with family members to prepare food.  The other way to have more joy is with an attitude adjustment.  That’s the harder way to health related joy, but if you can get there it opens up the world of healthy living to you.  With an open and positive attitude towards healthy living you’re not limited to the few things you are passionate-joyful about, you’re able to embrace even those that you are more passionate-committed about.

What challenges you most about healthy living and what kind of passion do you have towards it?


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