A Healthy Next Generation

The Bible talks a lot about parenting and how important it is to consider the next generation.  We have seen what happens when the next generation doesn’t care or doesn’t have the standards of the previous one, or is the opposite and believes that the past generations haven’t been doing a good job in their roles of caretaker, provider, protector and teacher.  Right now we’re in a mix of all these, there are those who believe we’ve been doing a great job at killing the earth through some of our practices and are making strides to change that, and then there are others who haven’t learned manners and don’t really care what happens to the next generation as long as they get to enjoy their time.

But as I said, over and over the Bible talks about how important it is to be teaching each other what is good. Yes, that means in the Biblical and spiritual sense, but also about the basic good things like love, peace, consideration, empathy, sympathy, critical thinking, community and kindness.  These aren’t spiritually motivated things specifically, but at the same time they can be done as part of your daily spiritual practice.

During His time on earth Jesus spent some time talking about and spending time with children.  He didn’t ignore them or count them out because they were ‘too young to know what the adults were talking about.’  Instead, He emphasized the fact that they were valuable and important and should be taught and loved, not just ignored until they were old enough to matter.  They’re also a great source of curiosity and wisdom that we often unfortunately lose touch with as we get older and more involved with the world and our responsibilities.  So not only should we be teaching them and thinking of them as we make choices and live our lives, we should be watching and learning from them too.

How healthy is your relationship with and attitude towards the next generation?  Are you so focused on your generation that you aren’t seeing the future ones?


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