Aloha and Enjoy

We’ve got less than 10 days left in this month, a month we talk about two sometimes opposing topics: Halloween and enjoying life, with next week mostly devoted to talk of Halloween, today I want to talk about enjoying life again.  This week I heard a definition or translation of a word that we hear enough that most of us would recognize it, even if it’s not a word we use in our daily language. The word is aloha and the definition used was “to consciously manifest life joyously in the present.”  It’s a bit of a mouthful, but super powerful if you take the time to really get what it’s saying.

But this understanding of Aloha is exactly what we’ve been talking about this month on the blog: learning how to enjoy life each day.  Some days that enjoyment takes a bit more effort and consciousness to manifest, while other days it seems effortless.  Neither is wrong, especially when you’re getting started learning how to enjoy life, and even the wisest or most zen individuals have admitted to having a challenging day.  That’s all part of our life experience and how we’re supposed to live our lives.  It wouldn’t be much of a journey if it got handed to us on a silver platter.

I do believe though, that when you’re focused on the good, when you’re creating solutions and giving support to others, working towards better understanding of what goes on in our world, open to new experiences and perspectives, and generally moving with life rather than fighting, hating, rejecting or being apathetic towards it, life is typically easier, better and more enjoyable.

As you and your kids and/or friends pick out Halloween costumes or make last minute party plans I encourage you to think about the difference you would experience in your life if you were manifesting results beyond your wildest dreams as a regular part of your life.  What would change for you?  What would you do differently?


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