Celebrating the Bible

Monday was International Day of the Bible.  It’s a day that we take to recognize the book that contains so many different things and means so much to those who believe in it.  It contains hope, encouragement, wisdom, healing, and history as well as warnings, consequences and failures.  And as some people would say it contains everything you need for a good story: action, adventure, heroes, love stories, mystery and bad guys.  There are even some happy endings.

What’s incredible about this book is that it has spoken to generation after generation in a way that not many books or stories do. It crosses tons of lines that have been erected over time from age to location to language, people around the world are reading it.  And while some of the stories and rules sound a little strange to us today, there are still plenty of things we can learn from it as we read it, and even from some of those strange stories.

Habakkuk 2:14 says “For the time will come when all the earth will be filled, as the waters fill the sea, with an awareness of the glory of the Lord.” International Day of the Bible is about raising awareness for the Bible as well as supporting the organizations who are helping bring the Bible to different parts of the world whether literally by passing out copies, by helping to smuggle in copies, or translating it into languages that it isn’t in yet (yes, there are still people who can’t read the Bible because it’s not in their language, and I’ll include a few links at the bottom if you want to support some of them).  But above all it’s a reminder to everyone who has access to a Bible to read it.  There are too many people around the world who struggle to read their Bible because they will be killed if they’re caught reading it and wish that they could have the freedom that many other people around the world do have.

I know it may seem like you’ve read it all before or heard it all before, and maybe you have.  But you weren’t the same person then that you are now.  So I encourage you this week to make extra time to dive in and check out what lies within the pages.  If nothing else check out some of the Christmas related passages and start thinking about Advent and Christmas which are rolling up very quickly.  Or maybe the best place to start is with one of your favorite passages that has always captured your attention.  What about the Bible do you celebrate or are most thankful for?

International Day of the Bible
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Pioneer Bible Translators
Bible League International


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