Making Choices in 2016

As we head towards the end of this year rapidly, I’m torn between wanting to sweep this year under the rug and say ‘good riddance’ and ‘thank God it’s done,’ or focusing on the good steps that did happen and celebrating them.  But this isn’t just a choice we make at the end of the year (or in the beginning of one when we’re considering resolutions), it’s something we really do each day.  Each day is filled with choices that we have to make as to how we’re going to think about and react to something.

Sometimes things slip through our defenses and we end up spending way more time or effort on them than we should.  Maybe it ends up working out and you learned something valuable or you make a valuable connection through it or you finally hit your breaking point and are able to get the help you need and have been putting off for a while.  But too often it ends up being a waste of time, a waste of effort, an unnecessary distraction or leads you down a rabbit hole that you didn’t want to go down again.

This past year has been an interesting one as far as showing our choices and what we get from making those choices.  Some were really surprised with the election, others were shocked that Britain voted to leave the EU, relationships began and ended and yet the world continues to turn.  I don’t know what the year ahead holds but I do know that we’ll have lots of choices to make and some will end well and others won’t.  What has 2016 taught you about making choices?

“I can promise you right now that both good and bad things are going to happen to you in your life. Good and bad things happen to everybody. Some people are good at finding the miserable things in life, and some are good at finding the joy. No matter what happens to you, what you remember is up to you.”  Matthew Buckley


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