Made For Love

As we head into the next month already all around us there are signs and reminders of the holiday coming up: Valentine’s Day.  Whether it’s a holiday in your world, or if you’d rather we not talk about all that romantic love, the topic of love is one we really should talk about, even if we’re not going to talk about the romantic type of love.

I believe that everyone should learn to love themselves.  If you don’t love yourself you really should work on coming to terms and making peace with who you are or taking the steps to make changes in your life to get to a point that you can love yourself.  It’s not an easy process for many people, but I believe, and everyone I’ve talked with who has worked on it says it is worth it.  Some things you will have to learn to accept, but many things you can change.  We’ll talk more about that in the coming months, and if you want to work on it personally with me, I do offer coaching.

But back to love.  The good news is that as a person of faith you should have some automatic love from the people in your faith community (something else we’ll talk about in the future), but even if you don’t have that support, you definitely have God’s love. Throughout the Bible it talks about how central God’s love is to what He does, how He interacts with people and animals and the earth and even the choices that He makes.   God’s love includes forgiveness, grace, overcoming imperfections and growing, which means you don’t have to be perfect all the time, nor does He expect you to be perfect.   God knows that life isn’t easy and sometimes we make mistakes, other times we’re tired and sometimes we just can’t summon the effort to do the thorough job that we should.  And there are even the occasional times that we poke the bear and decide to do the wrong thing, even though we know it’s wrong.

Under the belief that God knows everything, we believe that God knew exactly how things would play out in the Garden and knew exactly what it would look like in our world today way back when He created the world, and even still God chose to create each and every one of us.  God made each of us with a purpose and He made each of us with love.  The great thing about God’s love is that even if you’ve wandered from the love that you were born from God’s love is there ready for you to return to at any time.

“We’re not only made for a purpose.  We’re made for a person who loves us.” Holley Gerth
“We Exist for God.” 1 Corinthians 8:6a

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