Full of Heart

This month one of the things we’re talking about is heart.  The Bible is full of examples of heart, both the believing kind and the giving kind.  One of the greatest, most compassionate hearts is Jesus’.  There are stories recorded in the Bible and countless that didn’t make it into the official pages that show examples of how Jesus loved and cared for those He interacted with, especially those who were in need.  Sometimes we see heart displayed through grand gestures, but other times heart is displayed through the very simple things.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, a day that people give hearts to each other both emotionally and literally.  Some couples spent a simple day or evening together, doing rather normal things, while other couples went out and really invested in an experience for their Valentine’s Day.  That doesn’t make one couple wrong or right, or more or less romantic, it just happens that they chose to spend Valentine’s Day as they did.  Sometimes the big gestures don’t mean as much as the little ones, for example if one person does a lot of traveling the more heart-felt celebration would simply be spending time together at home, rather than being out with countless other people.

For people of faith heart can be very important because it isn’t always about how far you’ve gone for your faith or how much you’re able to contribute to your church, but rather how big your faith is.  Heart sounds like a big word, as does faith, but that really just means that there are countless opportunities for learning how to live a life of love and faith, and that we can each experience love and faith differently.

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the love story ends, just like Jesus’ story didn’t end on the cross or the ascension.  Each and every day is filled with opportunities to have a little more heart in dealing with each other and being a little more open to having Jesus show us how He would see the world, rather than letting our personal opinions and past hurts blind us.

“If I can just touch his clothes, that will be enough to heal me.” Mark 5:28


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