Reality Reflection: Present Participation

I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe.  I always enjoyed watching Dirty Jobs when the reruns are on and seeing how the world really works, how things are made, or all the behind the scenes things that go into what seems so simple to us, usually with things going on that most of us have no idea about.  This week in considering different things including life purpose, I re-read an article and video about the big lesson that he’s learned.  You can watch the video and read the article here.  In it Mike says 2 important things:

“Looking for your soul mate and looking for the right job are great ways to make sure you don’t get either.”
“It comes from knowing what you truly value, and behaving in a way that’s consistent with those beliefs. Many people today resent the suggestion that they’re in charge of the way they feel…What you do, who you’re with, and how you feel about the world around you, is completely up to you.”

It was a really good reminder for me this week as I struggled with a bit of an attitude issue about some things.  It reminded me as I’ve learned before and have tried to incorporate into my life that as great as the future may be, all I have is right now.  And if I can’t learn to be happy with the right now, why will I be happy with the future?  Sure things might change, I might move, make millions, have a couple puppies or have kids, but if I can’t appreciate and work with the here and now and do my best to live fully now, I’ll never get to a happy future.

So what about you?  Do you need to take a step back from pursuing the future and work on your present?  It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we all get swept up in the excitement of what is coming.  But I believe that part of the journey of life is learning to be in the moment and appreciate what you have and who you are.  It’s not a lesson you learn all at once, Mike admits to needing to be told it over 100 times, but one that you learn as you live.  Will you choose to live with me this week?


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