Personal Commitment

This month one of the topics we’ll be talking about is commitment.  We’re into our third month of the year-are you seeing the results you wanted to see in your life? If not that may be because you aren’t really committed to those results. Maybe that’s because they’re results others want to see you achieve, and not those that you’re truly interested in.  Or maybe that’s because you don’t have the resources necessary to achieve those results and aren’t doing everything you can to gain them or figure out a way to bypass them.  Or maybe you’ve been so committed to something or several things for so long that you’re completely burnt out and are really struggling to even get through the day, let alone create victories.

Commitment isn’t something you can do once and be done with, it’s something we do throughout our lives.  Today I want to encourage you to commit to yourself.  Commit to learning who you are and what you love.  Commit to caring for yourself mind, body and spirit.  Commit to spending time on the relationships that matter most to you.  Commit to making the choices that support you and your needs.

If you’re committed to yourself and your future you’ll make the choices and take the actions that are necessary to achieve your dreams and goals.  It’s not always easy to make the decisions and take the necessary actions, but you’ll find you have more interest and drive in actually accomplishing things when you’re really committed.  Yes, you’ll always have things in your life that you’re not super passionate or completely committed to (I’m not committed to winter but it seems to show up every year).  But if you make the choice to do the best for yourself you’ll never regret it.


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