Victories for Mom

This Sunday in the US is Mother’s Day! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the moms who brought us into the world, or who made our lives special or who taught us something, or just loved us for who we are. There are birth moms, adopted moms, and spiritual moms, the woman or women you call mom don’t just have to be the one woman that you share DNA with. If you’re a mom, you’ve got lots of challenges to deal with in your own life like all of us do, but you’ve also got the challenges that your kids go through added to your plate. So today I’ve got a few thoughts about how you can achieve more victories as a mom.

1-take time for yourself. It sounds simple and yet I know many moms say that they just can’t put themselves first all the time. I get that. But I would counter and say that at least once every day you should put yourself first. Maybe that means hiring someone to come for 1 hour a day to be with the kid(s). Maybe that means really scheduling things with your partner so you each get some alone time while still caring for the kid(s). Or maybe it means putting your foot down and saying that you’re picking the next game or TV show (within reason) or quiet activity instead of doing/watching the current favorite (read: obsession) for the thousandth time. But do try to have some alone time and make sure you’re taking care of your health and happiness

2-use the power of options. Every parent deals with kids who just don’t want to listen or don’t like something.  It’s not a bad thing, we all like different things, but it can be tough to encourage variety when they only have a preference for one thing.  One of the ways you can work through this is to offer them 2-3 options and have them pick which one of the options they choose. This gives them the power to make their own decision (and not hate you so much for forcing them into something), as well as gives you the power to narrow down their options into those that you’re OK with.

3-accept that no one is perfect. We all mess up and we all need days off and I don’t expect anyone to be able to be and do everything (and neither should you). These are just a few of the reasons why I think it’s healthy to follow the old advice/practice of having a village raise a child. There’s no reason that you should be doing it on your own, and I believe kids are healthier and more well rounded with their education and life experience if you welcome people you trust into your lives.

If there’s one “trick” to being a good parent I’d say it’s love. I don’t believe there are any perfect parents, but with a little love, attention and effort any Mom can get a superstar award and deserve a really great Mother’s Day gift.  How can you show the mom(s) in your life a little love this Mother’s Day?


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