New Relationships

This month one of the topics we’re talking about is relationships. I’m a big dog lover and follow several service dog organizations. One of those organizations just had a new litter of puppies, and as I was checking the little ones and their proud mama out, it got me thinking about relationships. So today I thought we’d talk about the joy of new life, new relationships, and new opportunities.

We’ve talked about the fact that relationships end, there are many reasons that we choose to end our relationships, and often they’re good reasons. Sometimes there is fault, failures and mistakes involved, and sometimes the end could have been avoided. But sometimes relationships are meant to be for a period of time and then we’re supposed to move on. The unfortunate thing is that some of us sit and stew or feel sorry for ourselves or sulk for entirely too long after that break up. That instead of living life, moving on and starting fresh, we’re stuck in the past. Yes, you should mourn your relationship and take time to consider what went wrong (and make changes if appropriate) but that shouldn’t take too long, certainly not years in the large majority of cases.

Instead we should be looking ahead. Every day someone dies and someone is born. We can focus on the person we’ve lost or the person we’ve gained. While we never truly let go of the person we’ve lost, they should not remain our primary focus, we should be focused on the next generation. The person who has passed on will in all likelihood have very little impact on the world now, the person who has the greatest chance to impact the world is the one who was just born.

So before you feel frustrated or scared about having to start a new relationship, I encourage you to think about the possibilities that new relationship holds. Maybe this person will be the one that fits you most compatibly, maybe this will be the one who will challenge you to reach for your dreams, maybe this will be the one who shows you a side of yourself you never knew existed but will really benefit from, and maybe this person is just meant to bring you a little love and light. Will you choose to be open to the possibilities of a new relationship this week?


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