Reality Reflection: Loss of Freedom

As I’ve been thinking about freedom this month, the thought came to me today about when we lose or don’t have freedom. Most of us are so blessed with so many freedoms in our lives, from how we get places, to freedom to go without giving a big accounting, to how we communicate, to whom we interact with, to how we make money, to what we eat every day. It’s truly an awesome world we live in. And even if we don’t have all the freedoms we want, most of us are able to take action, should we choose to do so, to get those freedoms, or at least work towards having them.

Sometimes we lose freedom because we’ve made an active choice to do so, like saving for a vacation which means we’re not spending a lot on nights out right now. Sometimes it’s not as conscious of a choice but it’s still a choice, like not-so-intentionally breaking the law and ending up in jail. And sometimes someone takes away our freedoms, not because of anything we personally did, like in times of war.

Having as many freedoms as we do can make it hard to imagine what it would be like without those freedoms. But from the news we know that every day there are people around the world who don’t enjoy the freedoms that we do. And sometimes we deserve to lose our freedoms because we haven’t been as responsible as we should be with our lives and the freedoms we’re blessed with.

As we move into this new week I encourage you to take time to reflect on the freedoms you have as well as how responsible you’re being about your life and your commitments. Life should be enjoyed, but in order to have many of those things we love so much it’s necessary to make some sacrifices and hard decisions, especially as the adults of the world.  I’d rather work a little harder or make a few tough decisions in order to have the freedoms I enjoy in life, what about you?


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