Standing Up for What You Believe

A big part of the Bible are the people who stood up for what they believed. As we look at our topic of freedom this month, that’s one of the biggest keys to having freedom: standing up for what you want and going after it. We’ve got people of all ages who stood up for a family member, their people, or God; some lived because of it and some died because of it. But because of their bravery and willingness to be honest about who they were, what mattered to them and what they believed was right, we’ve got some amazing stories and people we can look up to as we navigate our own life journeys.

We could look at many examples but the one that came to mind today was the story of Solomon and the two women who both claimed to be the mother to a child. The story goes that both women had sons but one of them died during the night and the women were both claiming that the living child was theirs. Solomon, using the wisdom that God gave him, said that he would cut the child in half because both women refused to back down, so they would each get half. He knew of course, as the story tells us, that the real mother would say that the child should live and be given to the other lady so that her son would not die. Solomon quickly hands the child over to the real mother and everyone was amazed.

Of course, there are tons of ways that story could have gone, but we know that Solomon had God’s wisdom and true parents want their children to live and thrive even if it can’t be with them, but it still took bravery on both Solomon and the true mother’s part to even go down that path.

We don’t usually end up in a situation nearly as serious as Solomon and these mothers did, but we still have choices to make each day about whether we stand up for what we believe or if we let ourselves and others down. We all have moments of weakness and doubt, but when we remember that God has a plan for our lives that will ultimately end up being good for us, we can be strong and make the choices that we need to. How will you stand up today?


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