Reality Reflection: Who wants more tragedy?

It’s hard to miss all the news reports about shootings or tragic deaths or other tragic experiences that happen around the world. I’m kind of amazed that it happens day in and day out. You would think that we would finally get the picture and start doing something different with our lives instead of submitting them to drugs, alcohol, bad influences, and general destruction. Of course there are the tragedies that you have no control over and have not really caused like cancer or tsunamis or being hit by a drunk driver. But the simple fact is almost everyone, if not everyone, has been through a tragedy. Would you really ever wish that experience on someone else?

And yet every day we do and say things to others that just aren’t nice. We choose to post the negative reviews instead of contacting someone who could help resolve the situation. We send scathing emails and texts about things instead of just moving on or trying to work things out. We make up stories because we’re jealous or insecure and spread them to anyone who will listen. We grab a gun rather than avoiding someone or telling someone who could help. We don’t think through our words or actions before they happen when 2 seconds of thought could avoid serious repercussions.

I know life’s not perfect but I’m getting really tired of the nastiness, the excuses people throw out about why things happened, and the reasons why they didn’t do anything to make a difference. If you’ve been living with some of those bad habits, aren’t you tired of being nasty and holding onto the anger in your life? Does that anger really benefit you? Do we really need more tragedies in the world?


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