The Revelations of Christmas: Peace

Where I live we’re experiencing a bit of winter, we’ve had a couple of minor snow storms, which have made it look a little like Christmas. I know the kids have been excited and have enjoyed playing in it, but it’s not my thing. But as an adult I really don’t enjoy the piling up of the snow and how it screws with plans. However, I still can find some magic in it and even peace.

There’s this bit of magic during a snow storm, especially at night, if you sit very quietly and listen. There’s a shushing sound as the snow is blown around a bit, and a silence that can’t be described when there’s no wind and just snow falling. I’m sure a scientist could give you some reasoning or explanation behind the silence and the sound that snow makes in the wind, but that kind of takes away some of the magic. While rain does have some magic, I can’t say I’ve felt peace like I do when I watch or listen to the snow fall.

The ironic thing about how people often connect Christmas and peace is that I don’t think the First Christmas was very peaceful, and most Christmases we have aren’t very peaceful. I imagine Mary and Joseph were going through a fair amount of panic, frustration, fear and even excitement on that First Christmas. Our Christmases are filled with joy, celebration, laughter and satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong with either of those scenarios, it’s important to celebrate life and within reason we should live life to the fullest.

So why do we connect peace with Christmas anyway? Is it because of how peaceful it is when it snows? Is it because it’s often a time that people put aside their issues and differences to be together? Is it because we feel peace when we think about the birth of Jesus? What brings you peace at Christmas?


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