The Revelations of Christmas: Separate and Together

I’m enjoying our look at Christmas this month and learning what it reveals to us about this holiday and about each other. A recurring theme we see in the different Christmas stories is that they all talk about both separation and togetherness. Scrooge is famous for being separate, he lived alone and didn’t like others. Joseph planned to separate from Mary when he heard about her pregnancy, and Herod separated families and friends so that a census could be performed. Even Santa leaves the North Pole for his Christmas Eve sleigh ride.

But that’s just where the stories begin. Scrooge learned, 3 ghosts later, that it was better to give than receive and better to be with friends and family than to be alone. Joseph stayed with Mary and they were even joined by shepherds and wise men. Santa brings presents to good boys and girls, toys they can play with and share with each other. Today most of us have a Christmas tradition that involves being together with friends and family. Many also have the tradition of putting ornaments on a tree, ornaments that have been passed down through the generations or ornaments that were purchased to honor an event, gathering or memory. And many groups get together to visit the shut-ins and those in nursing homes or hospitals to bring them some Christmas cheer.

With Christmas just a few days away you may be getting a bit tired of all this togetherness and all the hustle and bustle that goes along with it. If that’s the case I would encourage you to hang on a bit longer because in just a few short weeks you’ll be wishing we were back in December and sharing, giving and laughing together. But, as the story of Scrooge teaches us, Christmas doesn’t have to be a 4-week or one day thing. It should be something that we keep in our hearts all year long. Who will you share a little Christmas cheer with today?

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