The Revelations of Christmas: Love

With Christmas only hours away, today I want to talk about one of the most important things that Christmas reveals: love. Especially through the Biblical Christmas we see examples of love everywhere, what else would drive people and God to the lengths they were willing to go? Without love God never would have sent Jesus. Without love Mary would not have had the faith she did. Without love Joseph would have separated from Mary. Without love we would be a very sorry group of people because we never would have had the gift of Jesus being part of us. Let’s take a look at a few keys to love (with some inspiration from Neale Donald Walsch):

Decide: ultimately love is a decision. We’ve all got the ability to choose what to do with our lives, which means we’ve got the ability to choose if we’re going to love with our lives, or not. Yes, sometimes it can be a more challenging decision, but in my experience it’s always worth choosing.

Define: what does love look like to you? Love can look like many things. It can look like a baby in a manger, being delivered breakfast in bed, a trip to the alps and/or moments alone with your significant other that just feel so right.

Declare: if it’s true love you should have no issue declaring that love to the world. Yes, sometimes it can be a little intimidating to share your love with the world because you have had previous negative experiences or know that someone you care greatly about has a very specific opinion on the thing (or person) you love.

Demonstrate: around the world there are countless demonstrations of love, in the US we’ve taken to dedicating a specific day each and every year to those demonstrations: Valentine’s Day. One of the things that’s so important to remember about love is that it’s alive, living and visible.

Delight: love should be a delight to you and to those you love. Love should not feel like a chore or struggle or evoke lots of fear in you. Jesus may have felt some fear when He approached the cross, but it was the overwhelming love He has for us that encouraged Him on.

This Christmas, above all else, I encourage you to give love. There’s nothing better than knowing without a doubt that you’re loved and valued by someone, especially someone you care greatly for. Who do you choose to show love to this Christmas?

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