Hope for 2018

As we approach the new year in less than a week I wanted to take one last opportunity in 2017 to encourage you and share some thoughts on how you can make 2018 your best year yet.   Elbert Hubbard said: “A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.”

First, know that if you’re heading out of 2017 feeling frustrated, lost, challenged, kicked, down or like you’re a failure, know that 2018 is in front of you waiting to be conquered, overcome and your best year yet.  A new year is like a new pad of paper or fresh canvas: it’s just waiting for you to fill it.  No one said it has to be done one way or the other, but it will be filled whether you like it or not.  In this day and age you’ve got more freedom to do your own thing and be your own person than ever before.

Second, know that if you want it to be a better year you’ll have to do things differently.  From the definition of insanity (doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results) you know that if you really want a different result with your next attempt at a year of your life and the next step in your journey, you’ll have to make some changes.  They don’t have to be big (although they could be), but they do have to happen if you want something else for your future.

Finally, I believe in a better future for you.  I believe that you’re an amazing human with tons and tons of potential.  If you can’t see your own potential it’s time to take a fresh look or ask someone for help seeing and realizing that potential.  Don’t assume that because of how bad 2017 and/or years previous were that you’re not amazing.  The past is over and it’s time to move forward a wiser, smarter, stronger person.

So with 2017 ending and 2018 beginning the choice is up to you.  What will your next year look like?

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