The Revelation of a New Year

We’ve reached the end of another year! The one thing I’ve been hearing from quite a few people on their thoughts about this year that’s ending and the one we’re heading into is about how we’re going into it. We talk plenty about the new slate/new year/new opportunity that this new upcoming year brings. We sometimes talk about how we’re sad to see the present year go or that we’re unbelievably thankful to be done with it. But we don’t always talk about the move between the two years.

I believe there’s a lot that can be revealed in looking at both the year that is ending as well as thinking about what we want different in this upcoming year. I know it can be painful to look back, it’s never really fun to review your failures, mistakes and bloopers. But I don’t believe we can really become a better person, or the person we were born to be if we don’t take the time to look at the good and bad of our lives.

I also don’t believe that we can really move into the gift that we’re being given of the new year if we don’t make time to release all that happened in the past year. Yes, reviewing the past year is important, but once you’ve reviewed it, you’ve got to apply the lessons and then let go of all that happened that you don’t want to carry forward. Think about it this way: countless people every year make a resolution to lose weight, even if it’s just the weight they gained over the holidays, right? Some people lose that weight in the upcoming months, but many people don’t. If you were to ask anyone who is overweight if they enjoy carrying that weight around, 99% would say no. Do you really enjoy carrying the weight (mental or emotional) of your past year (or past years) with you?

This year I encourage you to make a break with your past and truly start the year fresh. What do you need to let go of so that you can move forward new?

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