Signs from God

Lately I’ve been thinking about signs, maybe you have too. There’s the commercial on TV right now about signs that people are seeing that seem to very clearly say that they should quit cable, and the commercial starts with someone wishing there was a sign for them regarding this decision they have to make. Sometimes I think we ask for those signs, not seeing the signs that are already in our lives and hearts. There are a couple of really clear signs in the Bible that I wanted to share about, signs that remind us of some important truths about life and faith.

One of the earliest signs is the sign of the rainbow. This is a sign God places in the sky from time to time to reaffirm the commitment and promise He made to Noah that He would never destroy the earth with a flood again.

The second sign to remember in the Bible is the sign of the cross. The cross is a sign of God’s love, a sign that He doesn’t give up on us and is willing to sacrifice what’s near and dear to Him for us.

While we can put the sign of the rainbow in our lives by creating pictures of it, there’s something special about seeing it appear in the sky without any influence from us. The cross isn’t something that often appears in nature like this, and we’re given the task of reminding ourselves and each other of that gift of love.

The third is a sign we see present throughout the Bible, and that’s the sign of dreams.  There are quite a few examples of dreams from Jacob to Joseph to Solomon to Daniel to Joseph (Jesus’ father).  We know from research today that there are many things that can cause you to dream, from what you eat to what you watch and listen to, but one of the things that has always been able to cause dreams is God.  It’s one of the trickier signs to watch for, but still one to learn from.

So this week as you go about your journey look for the signs that God puts in your path, signs that show He’s walking the path with you and has good plans for your life.

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