A Star’s Guidance

Can you believe Christmas is already done? I like celebrating through the new year, meeting with friends and giving gifts and really stretching it out as long as possible since it’s such a special time of year. From the Bible story of the first Christmas we know that the Shepherds came down to join Mary and Joseph at the place they were staying where Jesus was born. What we don’t always talk about is the fact that the wisemen weren’t there in those first days, some say that they visited Jesus 13 days after He was born, and others say Jesus was more than 1 year old by the time they arrived.

The thing that’s not disputed regardless of how old you think Jesus was when the wisemen arrived is that they arrived because they followed the star. The shepherds visited Jesus because the angels told them about it (something that would certainly get your attention and move you to check things out), but it always amazes me that the wisemen came to Jesus because of a star. We don’t see stars to the detail that they did back then (unless we’re looking through a high powered telescope), and we also don’t spend as much time analyzing and following them as the wisemen and other people in Jesus’ time did.

The wisemen, as sure in the stars as they may have been, still took a chance at following the message as they understood it. It may not have been easy and was probably years of work, if not a lifetime, but I would say they were quite pleased by their journey as they got to meet Jesus.

The wisemen stepped out in faith and followed the guidance of the star. At this time of year we think about stepping out in faith as well and becoming a better, healthier, more fulfilled person in the new year. We may have tried things in the past unsuccessfully, but that doesn’t mean that this can’t be the year for us, that we can’t do what we set out to do, and that we can’t step out in faith and let God lead us to a great destination this year.

If you had a great year I encourage you to keep doing what you’ve been doing, but if you’re looking for a new adventure or simply more out of life, take some time this week to consider the signs in your life, and how you want to feel and where you want to be in your life at this time next year. There’s nothing wrong with taking time to evaluate your life, reflect on your journey and plan for the future.


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