Reality Reflection: Honesty

I’m always amazed when I run across someone or something that’s not real.  I guess I’ve got a bit of a glass-half-full belief when it comes to life that I still hold out hope that people, things and companies are what they say they are.  I know no one is perfect, but I’m still amazed and surprised by those who are as dishonest as some are.

I know that for everyone the ultimate results or experiences are different, because we’re all different, so there will always be some (minor) differences for each of us.  I’m also aware of all our different preferences, which means that what I think is great you may not like at all.   Maybe you would like it some other day but that day you’re just not in the mood or something is not ‘normal.’

Since I’m not expecting perfection, I guess I’m OK with people and things being honest about the reality of a situation.   For example, there are lots of different ways that jewelry can be made, with varying costs.  But with the international developments and the ease of buying through the internet cost/expense/appearance isn’t always the best predictor of how real something or someone is.

So it’s up to each of us to own our reality.  Admit that you’re an average house cleaner, hate to make your bed, know everything about the Lord of the Rings, love golf but can’t play it, think everyone should have a dog, love to teach 7th grade (except for science), and have a beer every night while watching the news, or whatever is the truth for you.  There’s no reason to be anything except who you are, or say that you’re anything except who you are.  If we all do and say what is true we’ll all do just fine, there’s no reason to lie and make yourself bigger or different than you are.

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