The Power of Truth

Supposedly winter is doing its thing and sending snow to many parts of the US this week and weekend. I’m not a huge fan of snow, other than watching it fall, so I’m waiting to see how things go. One of the things that mystifies many people is the way weather people can deliver the weather and it’s OK to not be quite accurate. I know it’s not an exact science, mother nature can do whatever she wants with the weather and have things turn out in ways we never expected or wished for. Which is the only reason that they can’t fully predict exactly what is going to happen. We should be thankful for as accurate as they are.

But it got me thinking about the topic of truth, because ultimately the weather people are not being truthful, but not because they’re trying to lie, but because they don’t have the full picture and can’t have the full picture. They’re dealing with a set of data that’s constantly changing, and while it is predictable, there can be deviations from the expectation. I don’t want to be them but do appreciate that we at least typically have some type of heads up when it’s possible or likely that strong weather or significant changes are on the way.

But back to the topic of truth, sometimes we tell the truth because there’s no reason to lie, sometimes we tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do, and sometimes we tell the truth even if it’s hurtful to us. But other times we choose to lie for a variety of reasons, or we don’t tell the truth because we don’t know the truth or the full truth hasn’t been passed on to us. You may remember playing a game called ‘telephone’ as a kid where everyone sat in a circle and the first person whispered something to the next and it was passed around the circle and by the end it didn’t sound like what the first person said anymore. Sometimes that’s because someone intentionally changed it, but often it was because the truth wasn’t clearly stated (they were whispering after all) or because what they heard wasn’t the truth.

Truth is a valuable quality, something we should all work harder to live up to. That doesn’t mean we’ll be perfect or that we’re trying to be perfect, just that we’re doing our best to be truthful and honest to everyone and in all situations. If you’re not sure what you’re about to share is the truth you can choose not to share it or make a clarifying statement like “While I could be wrong, the way I heard it was…”. How will you let truth empower you today?

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