Reality Reflection: Just a Few Minutes

Once again today I’m thinking on the power of little things and taking even just a couple of moments to do some things. Yes, sometimes it amazes me how long it takes to get something done, I’m not always accurate at my guesstimates of how long it will take to do something, but more often than not the few minutes I take to do something are worth it in the long run and I always feel better after doing it and wonder why it took me so long to do it.

Take for example taking an extra couple of minutes to run around the house with the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean the baseboards (which I totally dislike and wouldn’t put in these type if I had a choice). It turned out they didn’t need the serious cleaning I anticipated they would and instead the vacuum and brush did the job.

Another is making a fresh veggie dish in a pan on the stove which took less time than expected because I used just the veggies I had pre-cut. Which is a big motivator for purchasing pre-cut veggies, especially if you’re the type to never seem to have sufficient time around dinner time to really cook something healthy. It may cost a bit more than it would if you did it yourself, but having and eating the veggies is worth the few extra dollars than not eating the veggies because it’s too much work and they sit and rot or not buying them in the first place because you think they’re too much work.

And of course I can’t skip over the value of spending even just a couple of undistracted minutes with the people who mean the most to you each day. Yes, the big date nights are important and daytrips too, but just stopping everything for a few minutes to really check in with them and give them your full attention and vice versa is so important.

So what will you do with the minutes that you need a break or have to spare this week?


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