Reality Reflection: Truth Perspectives

As we begin this new month, during which we’ll talk about love of course, I wanted to start by talking about a tough topic: telling the truth. It seems easier to lie when faced with a scary situation, one that intimidates you or one that you know people will be hurt based on what you have to say (even if it’s not you telling them you screwed up). This week I’ve really been challenged with this topic, I always try to tell the truth, and have done a lot of work to learn how to not just blurt out the truth but rather say it in a more sensitive way that people won’t be completely offended by it, even if it’s true. While the good of telling the truth definitely has won out this week, there were 2 situations that weren’t so successful in truth telling. Here’s what I learned.

1-some people just aren’t ready for the truth, no matter how accurate it is or that they’re even admitting they recognize it as truth. They just can’t accept that they may have to do some changing, that things have changed or that the perspective they have isn’t the only one there is.

2-even when you try your hardest to say it in a polite way, you can still deliver it poorly. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, even after years of practice. Think about things you’ve done since you were a kid, like reading or drinking from a cup. Sometimes you’ll misread something and overreact, or you’ll try to drink and it will end up down your shirt.

3-simpler is sometimes best. I tried to do the nice thing and give a complete answer to one individual, boy were they annoyed that I did! For them, a simple yes or no would have been sufficient. Being honest isn’t always about sharing details but just about owning up to it.

Most of all though I’ve been reminded by these 3 lessons this week not to give up or stop telling the truth because some people will react poorly or get pissed at you. You can’t account for their bad days or misreading or predisposition to dislike you or what you have to say. All you can do is do what’s right for you and your life; I think that’s telling the truth.

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