Reality Reflections: Remembering Love

Lately I’ve been thinking about the topic of remembering. I’ve talked before about my habit of writing down thoughts as they come to me and always having a piece of paper next to me at my desk so that I can keep doing what I’m doing and writing down a thought or thing I have to do so I don’t forget it. And it got me thinking about all of the memory keeping we do. We use social media to record our lives, we use calendars on our devices to keep track of our lives and plans, we use search engines to learn facts and figure things out. What do we remember any more?

Quite frankly we don’t have to remember too much. We can find almost anything with a few clicks. So what are we remembering? Are we really taking the time to commit to memory the things that matter most in our lives or are we just letting them go digital and assuming we’ll be able to find them when we need them?

My partner has a better memory than I do for things like dates and numbers and even things we’ve done together too. Maybe you’re the one in the relationship who remembers things, or maybe you’re like me and you don’t remember as much as you maybe wish you could. Maybe you don’t take the time to remember because you’re scared the memories won’t be as good as you thought they were or you think it may hurt too much to remember someone you loved and now isn’t part of your life. But all of the memories, all of the events, all of the people are part of your life and who you are today.

Not all memories, events or people were good, but I believe that there are more good ones in there than you remember, memories that you’ll want to treasure some day or share with someone else. Don’t let your fear of remembering the not-so-good hinder you from remembering the good.

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