Victories and Dependence

Dependence is an interesting topic, especially as it relates to victories. In many cases we’re dependent on something outside of ourselves to make a victory happen, whether the weather, availability or, most often, someone else. It can be frustrating because we’d like to just move forward and get to the victory, but few victories are possible without going through challenges, and those without challenge don’t seem like much of a victory.

Something we’re dependent on is the planet we all share. It can be hard to remember that we are on a planet or what’s beneath our feet each day because we see what we’ve built on it, how we’ve covered it and made it our own. And yet without that planet, the nature that grows from it, we would be dead. It’s hard enough when nature takes over for a brief while, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have the earth falling apart around us like it does in some movies and knowing our days were very clearly numbered.

Yes, Earth Day is a good reminder (Earth Day was on Monday) but the fact is that the world is important every day to us, which is why we have to care for it. Doing something like donating to a company that helps with reforestation, saves endangered or critical animals, or make a conscious choice to choose the greener option the next time you’re making a purchase big or small, even if it costs a little more. That small investment can pay back in a big way for our planet and our future.

But back to the topic of dependence, you can’t get away from being dependent on at least one other thing for victories typically, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stack the deck in your favor by doing the research, having second and third plans, having people and resources you could tap into if the first options don’t work out, and especially being willing to take your time and make changes/roll with the punches without panicking. I believe just about all victories can be brought to fruition, they just depend on us to keep a level head, positive outlook and keep taking action to move things forward, even if it’s baby steps.  What will you do this week to gain more victories for yourself and the world we all share?


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