Right to Restore?

For the past few years there’s been a revitalization in interest in restoring old buildings. We’ve also seen this recently with the discussions over Notre Dame and whether it will be restored as it most recently was, or if they’re going to make some changes. I can understand the perspective of wanting to restore buildings, many old buildings have an incredible presence about them that updating or changing them would destroy. But other times there’s value in making some changes, especially if it means you’re going to breathe new life into something. So how do you know when to restore and when to be open to some change?

Tiredness is a great indication that a decision has to be made, either to put in the effort to restore or to move on to something different. The unfortunate thing about old buildings is that sometimes they do reach the point of being so tired there’s no hope for them and changes have to be made. The same is true for people, we can get so tired, so burnt out, that we don’t have anywhere to go but required changes.

If you’re pretty happy with the bones, the foundation of what you’ve got in life, it’s probably that what you need is a restoration. But if you’re finding that it’s sand all around or nothing is working like you think it should or want it to, you’re ready for a change. And there’s nothing wrong with passing the bones or foundation of what still works onto someone else before it’s irreparable.

Yes, it hurts to let go of some of the old buildings and old parts of our lives, but not everything was meant to last forever. We should always have some treasured items and memories from the past that stick with us, while we still remain open for the new and amazing that is being created or simply revealed to us. Don’t forget that going with something different or new doesn’t have to mean that it was made in this year or even this decade, it could just be something new to you.

So what could help you make more victories? Is your life in need of some restoration or are you ready for something new?

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