Reality Reflection: Summer of Consideration

We’re less than a week to summer, summer officially arrives next Friday and I can’t wait. Right now it’s the time that we think about what we want the summer to be, the things we want to do with our summer, the people we want to hang out, the time off we’re going to take, if we’re going to fit into our bathing suit, what we’re going to do with the kids this summer, how many roads will be closed for repairs and repaving, special date nights we have planned, and countless other little things.

As I was driving the other day a guest on a radio show shared a bit of a crazy story about how her foot was broken. She was out walking through a city center and someone was driving a bit quick and didn’t stop for her when she was in the crosswalk, they rolled over her foot and brushed past her other leg and hip. They did stop to check on her, and offered to take her to the hospital (“get in and I’ll take you to the hospital”), when she said no they then drove off before she could call the police or get any information from them.

Lots to unpack from that story, let’s start with the really crazy part that strangers still tell people to get in their cars! Whether this ‘run over someone’s foot’ thing is a scam to get people in their car or a true accident, it’s a good reminder of how dangerous the roads are and how little consideration for each other we seem to have at some times. It’s about more than just common sense (which too many people seem to be lacking in at times), it’s about remembering that in each car is at least one other human, walking around on the streets are many other humans, living and working in the many buildings around us are lots of other humans, and someone more distracted than you could intersect with your line of travel (or your life) faster than you can react.

This topic of consideration extends beyond driving, to all other areas of summer life like standing in line, being hot, having tired kids, having bored kids, planning and having parties and get-to-gethers, attending concerts, and using fireworks just to name a few.

At the end of the day we all want the same thing: to have a great summer, to be with the people we love, to have more time with those people, and to have less stress and fewer messes to navigate in our lives. If we all took a moment to be a little more considerate of all the other people who we share this world with, we’d contend with less fear, stress and upset and the world be a nicer place to live.

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