Make Way for Victories

I’ve probably mentioned before that I watch cop shows on a regular basis, typically the real-life type. I’m not into committing crimes, I don’t have people in my family who do, and I don’t have any interest in getting into any type of criminal investigation work, but I always find these shows interesting but not overly dramatic (because I don’t like drama) and they’re obviously not comedies (which I don’t enjoy watching either).

As I was watching one the other day on a show the team was investigating a murder and found tons of evidence of the crime stored away in the house where the suspect was living. The suspect had cleaned up the crime scene, but kept all of the materials that were used to commit the murder as well as clean up in the house, which just made me shake my head. If you’re really going to attempt to hide the murder you’ve done, you don’t keep evidence of it in your house, you get rid of it at least down the block, if not several towns over.

I’m not going to talk about the lack of common sense some people have, but rather how the concept is applicable to something much more relevant to most people’s lives: victories. There are times in our lives that we have to move on from something in our present or past if we want to get to the next step of our victory journey, or the next victory period. Sometimes the best thing to do is to remove the past from our lives. That doesn’t mean boxing it up and putting it on a shelf in the basement or the attic, but rather throwing it out and removing it completely from our lives. You can’t remove your memories nor can you remove the memories of others, and it’s very difficult to remove stuff from some parts of the internet (deleting only does so much), but removing any bits of evidence that you can that remind you of that past or connects you to that past can help you make more positive steps into the future and your next victory.

So what do you need to get rid of today that will help you not only feel more free but help you create more victories?  Go ahead and get rid of it, keeping it will only hold you back rather than help set you free.

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