Reality Reflection: A Study in Time

Time is an interesting creature. I’m constantly amazed by how time works, how fast it sometimes goes, how slow it sometimes goes, how hard it sometimes is to calculate, how some days you pack in so much and other days you can’t get anything done, and yet technically the time moves at the same exact pace all the time.

My partner asked me the other day how I would handle getting into a car accident at 5 in the morning and how long it might take me to get things taken care of and get to work. As we started talking it out the list of factors that could impact that end time got longer and longer. How bad was the traffic, was anyone else involved, could you get a ride, were you injured was anyone else injured, getting in touch with insurance, getting a rental or other transportation, do rides need to be arranged for kids or a partner etc., not even considering how mentally rattled you can be after an accident. So it could take 2 hours, it could take more, and no two people or situations are ever the same.

So what’s the answer? The answer is to respect the time you have and the time others have, spend time each day being productive, spend time each day relaxing, spend time with the people you love virtually or in person, do the work the right way the first time around, ask questions before jumping into something, give every commitment a good effort but don’t go overboard, nurture your network and relationships, live with care and respect. Time will always challenge each of us from time to time, that doesn’t mean we should give up.

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