Balance with God

I recently read an article about Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame in which she shared about some of the things she’s tried and choices she’s made when it comes to the topic of life balance. I’ve always believed in the concept of balance from a ‘you can’t just give or take all the time’ perspective and with a thought to how significantly (and negatively) many areas of your life can be affected if you only give your attention and time and resources to one area of your life (i.e. your work). Life balance doesn’t have to be defined as spending equal time in each aspect of your life, life balance can be defined as making sure that the ways you’re spending your time fulfill the different needs and wants in your life as well as meeting the commitments you make.

Going back to Joanna Gaines, one thing that was shown frequently in her TV show was the kids coming to work with her/her and her husband. The article talks about how she, like many of us, tried to put her life into neat and tidy boxes and found it didn’t work for her. She found that “balance” didn’t equal wholeness for her. Maybe that’s something you can identify with, that trying to separate out your life doesn’t work so well, because you’re not just a mother or father or sister or brother or significant other or employee or boss or homeowner or runner or biker or foodie, you’re many things all put together. Trying to separate yourself is like trying to separate the red from the purple so you can have blue.

All this goes right back to you and God. God doesn’t want to be in your life for only part of it or in certain ways, He wants to be part of all of it. He wants to celebrate with you and pace with you and struggle with you and work hard with you and succeed with you. He wants to be there for the ups and the downs. He isn’t a God of only Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday evenings, He wants to be part of the other 5 or 6 days and other 160 some hours too. God is God because He’s aware of everything and everyone and can be everywhere at the same time. He’s capable of dealing with what’s going on in my life as well as your life and 100 of our closest friends all at the same time.

God doesn’t need or want you to tuck Him into a little corner or part of your life, He wants to be part of all of it.  Think of it like taking your cell phone everywhere, He just goes where you go.  What will you do this week to help God be part of more of your life?

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