Waiting For Answers To Prayer

One of the more frustrating experiences for someone of faith is unanswered prayers. The Bible tells us again and again that our prayers are indeed answered and God definitely hears our prayers so that isn’t the cause of our frustration. Part of our frustration is God’s timeline vs. our timeline. We are used to the fast food, high speed internet, 2 day shipping life, wherein we can get answer or things in a few minutes or few days at most. But few relationships are made in 2 days, homes aren’t built in 2 days, and God doesn’t always answer prayers in 2 days. Sometimes these things take years, which can be hard for us to understand or accept, but we have to trust and have faith in God’s plan and timing.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in a bit of a waiting pattern and I’m dealing with some of that frustration myself. There are moments I’m definitely enjoying not being quite so busy, and while it took a little while I finally have been getting stuff on my to-do list done. As I’ve shared on some of my other blogs recently, I’ve been reminded how even giving a little time and effort can bring some great results. I’m amazed how little time some of these things take and how much sooner I could have gotten them done if I knew it wouldn’t take that long (and were willing to accept something other than perfection or a complete job).

So while I’m still waiting for answers to prayers, I’m finally adjusting to waiting. It’s been a reminder how each moment is a gift, even if it’s not the gift you were expecting or hoping for. But it’s not like the gift of that “fantastic” knitted sweater from a grandmother or aunt that you might get at Christmas, but it’s a gift that you can actually use and benefit from. If you’re waiting right now for answers to prayer too, I encourage you to look around and see if God’s giving you a different answer to prayer or has some other things that you should be doing right now, instead of being focused on what you have been. What will you be able to cross off your to-do list this week?

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