The Adventure of Endings

Over the past few years we’ve been seeing brands that we love close up shop. No brand is perfect, you won’t love everything about any brand, but it’s likely that there’s at least one thing, if not many things that you’ll miss when that brand ends. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a cherished brand that you’ve loved for years, but that’s a choice we all have to make at times, that endings are part of our lives. Sometimes we choose an ending because it’s past time and not only is there no going back, we don’t want to go back. Other times we choose an ending because we want to end on a high note and have some good memories left and not drive the brand into the ground. Other times, endings happen because even if we’re not ready to give things up, other people have made it clear that they’re done and don’t give us a choice.

If an ending has to happen, in some ways it’s a lot like facing death and going through the stages of grief. You’ll have some time of denial, possibly some time of rage, some grief, and hopefully you’ll get to the point of accepting the end and maybe even being able to remember the good parts and not feel the loss so sharply. There’s no specific time limits on the process, no one can say that it took them three weeks or three years to go through the grief process and that’s the way it should be for everyone else. You have to do it in the time that you need, but fighting the process and not being willing to go through the stages you need to go through will only keep you in the process longer, and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather think about life that continues rather than life that ends for too long.

So if you’re like me and facing an ending in your life (even something rather insignificant in the scheme of life like a TV show), choose to celebrate what was and look forward to the new adventures that life is just waiting for you to find.

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