An Ordinary Season

This month as we talk about seasons I wanted to make sure to express that it’s OK to not always be in your best and brightest season. Not all seasons are great and we don’t live in a perfect world. You will have bad days and days you wish you could do over. Some seasons are for learning, some for growing, some for changing, and some for letting go. We have to learn to be flexible with how the seasons change and remember that other people are going through their own seasons too.

However, I was reminded by a verse in the Bible that just because you may be going through a challenging season it doesn’t mean you can’t strive to do the best you can to be the best version of you and the best follower and sharer of Jesus you can. You won’t always get it right, some days will be too much and you’ll need others to step up and support you, but for most of us those days are few and far between.

Regardless of what others may say you’re not supposed to be anyone but the person that God created. He did equip each and every one of us with special gifts and talents that we are to use to fulfill the mission we were each born with. In addition to those gifts and talents, there are tons of resources around the world and through the internet that you can use to supplement and further develop yourself and your knowledge.

But your ability to get through a season successfully is about more than the capabilities and gifts you have, a lot has to do with your mental abilities. Do you believe that God has called you? Do you believe you’re a conqueror and able to get through the challenges the seasons send your way? Do you believe that the world is a blessed place? Do you see God in the simple and the ordinary things? Do you believe He can do anything He wants, including in your life? Do you share that hope and faith with others?  There’s a lot more to a season than just one aspect, look deeper if you’re struggling to see it.

“The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.”  Acts 4:13


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