Reality Reflection: “Good” Friday?

Today in some of the religious world is Good Friday.  It’s the day that people remember the death of Jesus on the cross.  Many people question why we celebrate Good Friday each year.  It’s not a happy event, and to an extent I understand their skepticism in our very visual and frequent honoring of the event.  I mean the icon churches around the world use to show that they’re a church is the cross.  They don’t use a grave or a stone or angels or a manger, no, they use the cross.  People everywhere wear crucifixes and crosses as necklaces.  Do we really want to commemorate a man’s death?  Or is there more to it than that?

I think there’s more to it, I think that as important as Easter and Jesus’ resurrection is maybe Good Friday is just as or more important.  Why? Because as awesome as eternal life is, and it’s really awesome, it would not be the same if we were carrying the baggage of sin with us.  Could you imagine what forever would look like if we had to carry our sins? It would look like earth as we know it forever, rather than heaven as we have been told eternal life will be.   So in order to get the future we dream of and were promised something had to happen to free us, and that something was Jesus’ death on the cross.

This shows me how important freedom and forgiveness are.  Are you spending enough time in your life working on freedom and forgiveness or are you so focused on dreams and the ultimate goal that you’re missing out on what’s going on around you and how you’re reaching your goals?  If you’re just focused on the end result when you get there you may find out that the damage you caused along the way makes the end result not worth it.  Are there people you need to free and forgive in your life, maybe including yourself? If so choose this weekend to start the healing process.


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